Stone (We can deliver any quantity of material; price breaks are shown in tables below - 1 ton minimum.)

Due to the lack of rain we recommend rinsing off your stone before and after it is laid to remove any film of dust or sand that may accompany your stone.

#57s Stone in Gray and CR-6 Price Per Ton*
1 Ton 79.99
2 Tons 69.99
3-4 Tons 59.99
5-9 Tons 55.99
10-14 Tons 48.99
15-22 Tons 42.99
23 Tons 39.99
46 Tons (2 trips) 38.99
69 Tons (3 trips) 37.99
Gray 57#57s Stone - Gray

#57s Stone in White and #8 Patio Chips Price Per Ton*
1 Ton 85.99
2 Tons 75.99
3-4 Tons 69.99
5-9 Tons 58.99
10-14 Tons 55.99
15-22 Tons 45.99
23 Tons 42.99
Patio Chips MarylandPatio Chips

Patio Chips - #8 Patio Chips are used as a final base layer (usually on top of CR-6 or #57 gravel) for patios and pathways as they drain better than sand and have less occurrence of weed growth and insects.
Patio Chips MarylandPatio Chips

#57s Stone (Gravel) – A 3/4 inch stone used primarily for driveways, storage areas or for ornamental landscaping. We offer 2 colors, either gray or white. Each load may vary a little in color.

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White 57 #57s Stone - White

CR-6 Stone – Also known as "Crush and Run", this is a mix of the 3/4 inch gray gravel mixed with stone dust. We use this primarily for compaction for a the base of a driveway or a shed.

CR6 Stone Delivery MarylandCR6 Stone

Tan River Rock Price Per Ton*
1 ton 114.00
2 tons 104.00
3-4 tons 94.00
5-22 tons 89.00
23 tons 69.00

Tan River Rock (in 2 sizes) - the smaller 1-3" or larger 2-5" size. Another primarily ornamental stone that is mostly tan, rounded, and mixed in size.

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MDLS Tan River Rock LGTan River Rock 2-5”

MDLS Tan River Rock SmallTan River Rock 1-3”

Clean Asphalt Millings / RC-6 Price Per Ton*
1 Ton 59.99
2 Tons 49.99
3-4 Tons 40.99
5-9 Tons 34.99
10-14 Tons 33.99
15-22 Tons 31.99
23 Tons 25.99
46 Tons (2 Trips) 24.99
Clean Asphalt Millings or Recycled RC-6
Clean Asphalt Millings Made by processing milled asphalt from road building projects through a 1 inch screen. The resulting 1 inch and smaller product is ideal for constructing, surfacing and repairing driveways and parking lots. When properly applied and compacted it can be very pothole and rut resistant
Asphalt Milling Delivery MarylandClean Asphalt Millings

*Price does not include tax or delivery
1 ton is equal to 100 square feet (2
inches deep), or 80 square feet (3 inches deep)

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We deliver stone in any amount! The listed quantities/prices are to signify where the price breaks occur.

Driveway 2013 Large

Stone Delivery Review

Gray 57 Stone

White 57 Stone

Stone Delivery Maryland 1
Stone Delivery Maryland 3

Stone color and sizes are approximate and can vary by load.

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Split Loads Available - 2 different products on one delivery truck!
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