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Black Mulch

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Brown Mulch

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Double Shredded

We offer mulch delivery in any amount, below is just where price breaks are. Please see the Delivery page for your city to calculate delivery cost.

Playmat –Top Rated Playground Cover

Black Dyed Mulch is our top seller each year! We only use premium dyes for long-lasting color and a superior product. For best results spread on a sunny day to bake color in. Wait 24 hours before watering plants.

Dyed Black / Dyed Brown / Playmat
Price Per Cubic Yard*
3 yards
6 yards
9 yards
12 yards
22 yards - 1 Triaxle 29.99
44 yards - 2 Triaxle 27.99
66 yards - 3 Triaxles 26.99
70 yards - 1 Tractor Trailer 25.99
140 yards - 2 Tractor Trailers 23.99

Double Shredded Hardwood Mulch – more economical than the dyed mulches

Double Shredded Mulch
Price Per Cubic Yard*
3 yards
6 yards
9 yards
12 yards
22 yards - 1 Triaxle 24.99
44 yards - 2 Triaxles 23.99
66 yards - 3 Triaxles 21.99
70 yards - 1 Tractor Trailer 20.99
140 yards - 2 Tractor Trailers 18.99

Leaf Mulch

Leaf Mulch
Price Per Cubic Yard*
3 yards
6 yards
9 yards
12 yards
25 yards 32.99
50 yards - 2 Trips 29.99
75 yards - 3 Trips 28.99

Natural Wood Chips - used for wooded areas or pathways, will have some small sticks. Not for playgrounds. Call for current pictures

Natural Wood Chips
Price Per Cubic Yard*
3 yards
6 yards
9 yards
12 yards
25 yards 16.99

*Price does not include tax or delivery

Mulch Calculator

Estimating the cost of mulching is quick and easy using our MulchCalculator! Simply measure the length and width of your mulch beds and enter those numbers into the form below. No tape measure handy? The easiest way to measure a bed’s size is to step off the distances and convert your steps to feet. One normal step is about 2 to 3 feet for the average adult. Some landscape areas are square in shape, but most have curves and contour that makes it somewhat difficult to get the correct square footage.

Sample Calculation

If you wanted to cover the areas in our sample landscape with bark mulch 2 inches in depth, the formula would be:

Mulch Bed 1: (60 feet x 10 feet) = 600 Square Feet
Mulch Bed 2: (30 feet x 12 feet) = 360 Square Feet

600 + 360 = 960 Square Feet

Then you simply divide the Total Square Footage of 960 by the thickness factor for your desired depth (162 = Thickness factor for 2 inches of mulch).

960 / 162 = 6 Cubic Yards of mulch needed

So, from this example you can see that 6 cubic yards is needed. That’s it! You now understand how to calculate the amount of material you may need for your next landscape project.

9 - 3 cubic-foot bags of mulch is equal to
one yard.

STEP #1 - Calculate Your Square Footage Below
Square or Rectangular Beds
  Length (feet)
  Width (feet)

Circular Beds
  Diameter (feet)

Triangular Beds (including right & 90° angles)
  Measure the length of the two sides that meet at the right angle
  Side one (feet)
  Side two (feet)

Area (Square feet): 

STEP #2 - Estimate Amendment Requirements Below
Desired Thickness:
Total Area (sq. ft.) enter from above calculations:


You will need:
(Calculations are rounded to nearest foot or yard)

2-cubic-foot bags or
cubic feet or
cubic yards

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