Pickup Pricing

Further discounts for volume contractors are available.

Mulches Price Per Yard Retail Pricing Contractor Pricing
Natural Mulch $30 $25
Dyed Mulch $35 $30
Play-Matt $35 $30
Leaf Mulch $35 $30
Garden/Topsoil (yards) $45 $40
Screened Topsoil (tons) $45 $40
Fill Dirt (tons) $25 $20
Stones Price Per Ton
#57 Gray/Cr6 $50 $45
#57 White/Patio Chip $55 $50
Tan River Rock (either size) $95 $90

Bagged Stone
$10 per 14" x 26" bag that can hold up to 50 pounds of stone
$19 per bag for River rock in either size
$25 per bag for Catskill Cobblestone in either size
Bagged Stone

Pickup Location is: 7131 Dorsey Run Rd., Elkridge, MD 21075.

We are located next to Rockville Fuel and Feed. Please park in front of the office trailer and office staff will process your payment and show you where to go to get loaded. We can load trucks and trailers, but not SUVs.